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    serving authentic dishes along with a one-of-a-kind Middle Eastern experience.
    whether you are stopping by for a lunch outing with colleagues or treating your spouse to a special dinner, you will be sure to enjoy  the finest Mediterranean restaurant in town and the only Moroccan-Lebanese restaurant in Hawaii.

    Chef Kamal & Chef Youssef

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    Once Upon a Time...
    Kan Zaman, a Moroccan-Lebanese restaurant located on Nuuanu Avenue in Downtown Honolulu, serves fine Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine in an atmospheric setting.  Kan Zaman opened its doors in 2013 and has been serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine ever since.  Kamal Jemmari and Youssef Dakroub are the proud owners and talented chefs of Kan Zaman; they take great pride in cooking delicious meals and providing an authentic Mediterranean environment, allowing customers to fully enjoy their dining experience.

    As the name – translated from Arabic as “Once Upon a Time” – suggests, stepping into Kan Zaman is like taking a journey to visit traditional Arab culture and heritage as it once was. Designed to be a real feast for the senses, great attention to detail has gone in to every aspect of Kan Zaman, from the warmly inviting interior with its tiled flooring, low lighting and jewel-toned color scheme to the authenticity of the aromatically spiced food. Surrounded by traditional bazaar finds – paintings, lamps, ornaments, and wall hangings – guests to Kan Zaman enjoy a relaxed, intimate setting coupled with deliciously traditional North African and Eastern food prepared using the best available ingredients and ancient recipes passed down from generation to generation. In addition to the wide range of hot and cold mezze offered by the Kan Zaman kitchen, guests are invited to sample other flavors of Morocco and Lebanon in larger main dishes – salads, grills, tagines, and couscous dishes amongst them – as well as delicious sandwiches.



    The owners and staff of Kan Zaman would like our customers to have a truly enjoyable experience while dining with us. We believe that the customers should enjoy their entire dining experience, from the time they walk into the restaurant and choose their table, until the time they leave the restaurant, fully satisfied after enjoying a fine meal.  There are both indoor and outdoor patio dining options and a variety of meals to choose from, including delicious vegan meals, as well as several savory meat choices.  While the customer decides which entrée  to order, our friendly waiters may recommend a few favorites from the appetizer and drink menus. Back in the kitchen, the chefs will take special care to prepare the meal perfectly to your liking, so that you will enjoy your authentic Mediterranean experience  and come back to see us soon!

    Kan Zaman is the perfect venue for parties with private outdoor seating that can be hired for up to 20 guests or joined to the main dining room to host a party of up to 60 guests.

    So, whether you are stopping by for a lunch outing with colleagues or treating your spouse to a special dinner, you will be sure to enjoy cuisine from the finest Mediterranean restaurant in town and the only Moroccan-Lebanese restaurant in Hawaii. At Kan Zaman, we take pride in serving authentic dishes along with a one-of-a-kind Middle Eastern experience.

    Soups and salads


    Sandwiches (SERVED FROM 11AM -5PM ONLY)





    Wecater to you!

    Whether you are choosing from one of our delicious sandwiches or any of our popular entrees, your attendees will be sure to enjoy the best of Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine Honolulu has to offer. We do offer a wide range of choices, which would be popular for meat lovers as well as the vegan attendees.

    Please feel free to call Chef Kamal at 808-373-0155 or email us at and we will be glad to work out the perfect combination of cuisine to help make your next event a delicious success.




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    Kamal Jemmari

    Chef Kamal Jemmari was born in Marrakesh, Morocco.  He credits his family and his hometown for his love and dedication to bold flavors and fine cuisine.  Spending his early years learning from his own mother and father’s kitchen and the legendary markets of Marrakesh, Chef Kamal began his career in the restaurant industry in a fine dining Spanish Tapas restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut. Since then he has offered Latin, Italian, local Hawaiian and global cuisines to the islands. Now returning to the authentic style of his own regional cuisine, Kan Zaman’s menu stands alone as the only restaurant in Honolulu to offer Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine.

    Youssef Dakroub

    Youssef Dakroub is one of the two owners at Kan Zaman. Although he is one of the owners, you will not find him spending eight hours a day behind a computer desk, going over numbers and sending and receiving a ton of e-mails. Instead, you will be sure to find him in the most important part of a restaurant – in the kitchen. Youssef, along with Kamal Jemmari, are not only the co-owners of Kan Zaman, but the chefs as well, preparing delicious cuisine for some of the best customers in Hawaii. Since moving to Hawaii in 2007, Youssef has earned a culinary degree, worked as a chef at local restaurants, and opened up a food truck called Xtreme Tacos. Then, in 2013, he made the great decision to join into a partnership with Kamal, and together they opened up Kan Zaman restaurant in the heart of Honolulu. The last seven years have been quite a journey for him and his career. Speaking of a journey, Youssef has done quite a bit of traveling. He was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon; he has traveled extensively in Middle east and Europe; and he now resides in the beautiful state of Hawaii, where his family calls home. Youssef’s love of food and cooking inspired him to become the chef he is today and his specialty is creating a variety of delicious Middle Eastern dishes. His favorite cuisine that isn’t on the Kan Zaman menu is Japanese food. Youssef and his family are definitely enjoying their time in Hawaii and have made the most of their life journey so far. He has gone from learning to cook professionally and cooking on wheels, to being chef and part owner of Kan Zaman restaurant – all over the course of seven years.